How to Turn On a Gas Water Heater

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A gas hot water heater is a type of natural water heater that is usually used by large families.

Most Australian households use this type of water heater to heat up the water they use at home. This is because gas hot water systems are more cost-efficient than the other types of water heaters like electric ones. Maintaining and using a gas water heater is more affordable. That’s not all. Using natural gas also generates fewer greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide. So, you even get to help the environment. 

What Gas Hot Water System is the best one for me?

Having a water heater is a necessity, especially during the winter season. It helps keep us warm and toasty while taking a bath. So, it is no wonder that many people are purchasing gas water heaters.

In choosing which type of gas water heater to buy, there are a bunch of things that need to be considered. Like storage space, price, capacity, installation instruction, and household size. So, to help you decide, here is a table of the best water heater we have:

hot water gas boiler
ModelPriceCapacity in LInstallation InstructionHousehold Size
Rheem Stellar 360-160L  Gas Hot Water System$1,290.00160External Installation1-6 people
Rinnai Hotflo 170L Nat Gas Hot Water System$1,098.69170External Installation1-5 people
AquaMAX G270SS 130L Gas Hot Water System$1,205.93130External and Internal Installation1-4 people
Dux Prodigy 170L LPG Gas Hot Water System$1,120.10170External Installation1-7 people
Thermann 135L LPG Gas Hot Water System$939.00135Not for commercial use, External installation1-5 people

How much does a Gas Water Heater cost?

The price of a water heater can change depending on the manufacturer. But what is more important is that a water heater’s cost is also dependent on its capacity. A hot water system with a capacity of 135-340L costs $900-$1500. So, if you are looking for a water heater that provides water to 2-3 bathrooms, then you have to expect that you need to pay more. 

What are the common parts of a Gas Hot Water Heater?

These are the most common parts of a gas water heater:

1. Water Tank – This is the largest part of a gas water heater. The water is stored inside this location. This is also the place where the water is heated.
2. Cold Water Supply Pipe – This is the pipe that brings cold water inside the tank. There is a valve that can shut off this pipe that will completely stop the flow of water in the hot water system. The color of the knob is usually blue.
3. Hot Water Discharge Pipe – This pipe is where the heated water goes out. It connects to the sink, bathtub, shower, and more. There is also a valve that can shut off this pipe that is often identified by the color red.
4. Gas Burner – Fuel is fed in this part. This is the gas water heater’s heat source. It is commonly located at the bottom of the tank. But, the controllers for it are placed on the side where it is reachable.
5. Exhaust Flue – Since the main source of heat for the tank is fuel, there is some unnecessary gas that comes from that. The exhaust flue is responsible for getting those unwanted gases out of the hot water system.
6. Thermostat – This acts as a thermometer and temperature controller for the water heater. It shows how hot the water temperature is inside the water heater. This has a knob that can be adjusted according to how hot you want the water to be.
7. Temperature and Pressure (T&P) Relief Valve – This is a safety device that basically relieves the water heater. When the heat or pressure inside the water heater gets excessively high, this valve automatically opens to relieve it.
8. Drain Valve – This is the valve that lets out all of the water inside the tank to get out. Cleaning the tank once or twice a year by draining it is advisable. This helps remove debris stuck inside the tank.

How does a Gas Hot Water System work?

When using a water heater, it is important to know how it exactly works.


Because it will be much easier to know how to operate it. Also, there are times when the hot water system might have some problems. During times like these, knowing which part of it has issues will be more convenient. You get to know which components need fixing and which ones are doing fine.

So here are the basics of how exactly a water heater works:

1. The cold water enters the tank through the cold water supply pipe.
2. Then, the water flows at the bottom of the water tank.
3. The gas burner heats up the tank using a flame.
4. Unwanted gas comes out of the exhaust flue.
5. The heated water gets out through the hot water discharge pipe.
6. The discharged water flows out of the water source inside the house like sinks, showers, and bathtubs.
7. The adjustable thermostat then helps monitor and regulate the temperature of the water inside the tank.
8. Once the heat or pressure is too much inside the tank, the T&P relief releases water. This helps in preventing any dangerous situations from happening.

How to Turn On a Gas Water Heater

Operating a gas water heater can be confusing. No matter how many manuals you read, it will still be difficult. So, understandably, there are a lot who are having trouble with their machines. And to assist you with this problem, we created a guide.

Now, without further ado, below is the step-by-step guide on how to turn on a gas water heater.

1. Open the cover of the water heater.
2. Locate the gas knob.
3. Switch the knob to pilot, then push it and hold it down.
4. Immediately push the ignite button while holding the pilot down.
5. Do not stop holding the pilot button down. Hold it still for 30-40 seconds after the flame ignites.
6. Slowly release the pilot button.
7. Place the water heater cover back.
8. Switch the gas knob on.
9. Set the temperature to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Note that when turning on the water heater, you have to be cautious and slow. Since being careless can lead to irreversible damage. And, if you are unable to turn your heater on after several tries, we advise you call professional help.

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