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Thermann 26 Litre Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater



The Thermann 6 star, energy efficient Gas Continuous Flow unit ensures you will have enough hot water, when you need it. With a 12 year warranty, you can rest assured you are covered for the life of the unit, and optional universal controllers ensure you always have precise control of your hot water temperature settings. The Continuous Flow units are available in both NG and LPG to suit your gas type.

  • Japanese technology and manufacture
  • AGA approved
  • Over 50 years of manufacturing experience
  • Product quality guarantee
  • Watermark approved
  • Available in NG and LPG in 50 and 60 degree models
  • Optional universal controllers available

Features & Benefits

The Thermann 6* Gas Continuous Flow hot water unit heats water through a gas burner as the water flows through coiled pipe, which means you will never run out of hot water.


Thermann 60 degree units are to be installed with a HPS tempering valve not the standard tempering valves. DO NOT DISASSEMBLE, REPAIR OR MODIFY Do not disassemble or modify the units as this may cause fire, electric shock and other accidents. Always use a licensed plumber for installation, relocation, repair or connection to solar units. Do not place any flammable items on, near, or around the unit, as this can cause fire or an explosion to occur. Do not touch power plug with wet hands. It can cause electric shock. Do not turn off the remote controller or change the water temperature while someone is bathing or washing. That may result in scalds or burns.

Additional Features

  • Manufacturer Thermann
  • Model 9505079
  • Type Gas Continuous Flow Units
  • Delivery Capacity 26L
  • Max Usage Level(No. People) 2-3
  • Tank Type Gas Unit
  • Elements Gas Unit
  • Power (kW) Gas Unit
  • Made in Australia Japan
  • Tank Warranty Gas Unit

User Manual

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