Replacing your Hot Water with a Different Make and Brand

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Do you plan on replacing your hot water heater
with a different make or brand?

We know that it is easy to get into a loop of buying the same brand and make of hot water heater just because you are used to having it. Hot water systems have continuously evolved as hot water technology gets more advanced. You might be missing out on the upgrades that other brands and makes have to offer. 

Tank vs Tankless (Continuous Flow) Hot Water Systems

Switching from storage hot water systems to continuous flow hot water systems

Do you know why Australians have replaced their old electric storage hot water system or gas storage hot water systems with instant gas hot water systems? Replacing gas storage with a continuous flow or instant hot water system can cost more than just replacing a storage hot water systems but it makes up for its energy efficiency, thus reducing utility bills.  Here are also other reasons:

    • Instant gas hot water systems provide unlimited litres of hot water when you need it. It works for people who have less demand for hot water for the whole day but have a peak hour when demand is the highest.
    • Instant gas hot water systems can be more energy-efficient compared to storage hot water systems. Instant does need to use energy to keep the hot water at a specific temperature as opposed to storage hot water heaters.
    • Instant gas hot water systems require much lesser setup space compared to storage hot water systems. 

Switching from tankless to storage hot water systems

Storage hot water systems have cheaper upfront costs than their tankless counterparts. Electric hot water systems, in particular, are the cheapest. Here are some reasons why others switch from tankless to storage hot water heaters:

    • Since instant hot water systems heat water on demand, the absence of fuel source can cause major issues. If the mains gas or electricity stops for maintenance or any emergency, then the household would be left without hot water throughout its duration.
    • Inconsistent temperatures would be a normal occurrence for instant hot water systems if the demand changes all the time. Storage hot water heaters can deliver hot water at a constant temperature despite a sudden rise or fall in demand. Instant hot water systems, however, would have a difficult time adjusting to any hot water demand changes and would require a certain transition period to adjust. If the hot water demand suddenly drops, instant hot water systems have the tendency to overheat the water. If there is a sudden rise in demand, instant hot water heaters might not be able to cope well in supplying multiple points. 

Switching from Your Old Hot Water Heater Brand to Another

We have performed several hot water replacements over the years. The search for more energy-efficient hot water system drives most of the switch. That is why Australians could go for a gas hot water system after using an electric hot water system for several years. For more environment-conscious and affluent hot water buyers, they opt for the cleaner hot water products such as solar hot water systems and heat pump hot water systems.

Here are the most common hot water systems brands that Australians love to switch to:

Rheem produces a variety of hot water systems. Being the industry leader when it comes to hot water heaters, it comes as no surprise when people seek for this brand for traditional storage hot water systems, regardless if it’s an electric hot water heater or gas.

When it comes to instant hot water heaters, Rinnai is at the top of its game. Its remote control and WIFI features make it easy for you to set up your water heater unit to suit your hot water demands and requirements.

A relatively new player in the market, Thermann hot water heaters offer a variety of hot water types. Thermann has one of the best hot water after-sales service and the widest network of distributors all over Australia. If you are looking for affordable hot water heaters that can perform as well as famous hot water heater brands in the market, Thermann is the brand to go to.

Dux Hot Water Systems used to be a locally owned hot water company until it was bought by Noritz, a leading Japanese appliance manufacturing company. Dux is still widely famous for the reliability and durability of its storage electric hot water heaters and storage gas hot water heaters.

AquaMAX might be relatively new in the industry, but it has found a niche when it comes to stainless storage hot water systems. Rheem eventually took over the production of AquaMAX hot water heaters.

Need expert plumbing advice on hot water replacement?

Whether you need an emergency hot water heater replacement service or you are taking your time to decide what hot water type and brand you are going to replace your hot water unit with, trust that the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor is available to serve you either way. Give us a call  at 1300 310 062 to reach a hot water specialist or send us a chat on our website to install a hot water heater today. 

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