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Installation Conditions

It is best that you read and understand what is required when it comes to your hot water system sales. Moreover, if you have any questions or need some advice please don’t hesitate to give us a call or use our chat services between 7am to 8pm on Mondays to Fridays and 7am to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays. 

  • Supply and delivery prices include free delivery of items within our covered locations.
  • Supply and installation prices are quoted on like-for-like installations or a straight changeover.
  • Pricing is subject to site inspections.
  • Non 50-degree pre set models require the installation of a tempering valve at an additional supply and install cost of $185 Incl GST.
  • High performance solar tempering valve if required starts at a supply and install cost of $230.
  • An isolation valve add-on values at a supply and install price of $90 GST inclusive.
  • A new pressure limiting valve starts at a suply and install price of $110 GST inclusive.
  • A new cold water expansion valve is supplied and installed at $90.
  • A new plinth or slab for your the water heater unit costs an additional supply and install cost of $65 GST inclusive.
  • If you are changing or relocating your unit, an electrician is required by law and any additional fee will be quoted.
  • For gas hot water units, new isolation valves or alteration in pipe works costs an additional supply and install cost of  $110 GST inclusive.
  • Removal or disposal of the old tank from site charges at $55.
  • If the hot water system unit is located inside the home or property, additional charges may apply. 
  • Continuous flow units may require new valve kits at an additional rate. 
  • QLD and S.A Installs will require a Certificate of Compliance at a cost of *$60 for supply and install jobs.

All of our installations are completed according to the Australian standards by Licensed Professionals. Nothing less will do. We will supply and install water heaters in all listed areas and would love the opportunity to work for you and thank you for giving us this opportunity.

*Price is subject to vary without notice. Please contact Hot Water 2Day for more information.

Sales & Installation by Professionals. Licensed Plumbers and Electricians at your door.

If you’re looking for a hot water system for sale then you have come to the right place.  We pride ourselves in offering a range of water heaters to suit any need or budget. Our products include solar hot water, heat pump, gas storage, electric storage, gas instant, or electric instant. We have a wide range of hot water system options.

Due to our great network of manufacturers, we can supply and deliver hot water systems to just about anywhere in Australia, within a few hours of your purchase. 

Hot Water 2Day has forged strong relationships with all major hot water manufacturers in  Australia. We have complete trust and knowledge in the products that we sell. We don’t push a single particular product just to get the sale. Instead, we offer a comprehensive unbiased opinion of every brand we recommend and will give you the pros and cons of each product. This goes beyond giving you the hot water tank prices and hot water installation cost.

If you are after hot water tank prices, we offer a two-tier pricing strategy.

  1. Supply and Delivery Price. You have already engaged a plumber but would like to take advantage of our discounted pricing. In some cases, you may be out of our installation areas. We offer a  supply only price that includes Delivery and GST. These prices rarely change. However, if you live more than 30 minutes from a major town, we do hold the right to charge a small additional fee.
  2. Supply and Install Price. We offer a true no hidden charges Hot Water installation cost that includes supply Delivery and GST. In our installation requirements section, you will find  any additional charges that may or may not be required when installing a water heater at your dwelling. 

 If it is a hot water system installation that you need, our team of licensed installers have your back, with the least amount of fuss.  We also offer lifetime installation warranty. So if the problem with your water heater is due to the workmanship of the installation, we will rectify it free of charge.

At Hot Water 2Day, we specialise in the sales and installation of everything Hot Water. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Choose the hot water system that suits your needs, family size, and consumption.
  2. Select your preferred fuel type: Gas, Electric, Solar.
  3. Find the hot water system that fits your budget.

Your water heater is one of the largest consumers of energy within your household. Hence, it’s important that you buy the best water heater for your needs. More often than not, just replacing your system with the same or similar product to your old one may not be the best idea. Please  do your research or contact us to ensure that you are purchasing the best system for your needs and budget. 

If you find a cheaper  product elsewhere online, please contact us so we can price match or beat the competitor prices. In cases that we can’t, our experienced hot water plumbers can still walk you through and assist in ensuring that you purchase the right product.

We love hot water and look forward to serving you and your family.

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