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Rheem hot water system


Rheem is an Australian success story, having dominated the Australian Hot water industry for a long time. There have been more Rheem Hot water systems installed in Australia than any other product and rightfully so. Rheem has a large offering when it comes to water heaters and have you covered across every aspect of hot water, with products such as but not limited to:

  • Rheem Gas Hot Water System
  • Rheem Electric Hot Water System
  • Rheem continuous flow water heater
  • Rheem instant Hot water system
  • Rheem Commercial Hot waters system’
  • Rheem solar Hot water system
  • Rheem Heat pump Hot water system

As you can see a Rheem hot water system can be one of many. However if you were to talk to most Australian homeowners they would be familiar with the Rheem electric water heater or the Rheem gas water heater.

Rheem is not only Australia’s most familiar brand for water heater systems, they also carry on average the largest water heater warranties. Some Rheem electric models carry a whopping 12-year tank warranty. The Rheem gas storage has a 10-year tank warranty and the Rheem continuous flow has a warranty of 10-years. Rheem pricing is also very competitive especially when you consider its longer warranty periods and its popularity within the market. When thinking of buying a water heater then a Rheem should definitely be part of your decision-making process.

Dux hot water system


If history is anything to go by, then Dux water heaters were one of the most dominant brands within the market. But today, Dux Electric hot water systems and Dux Gas hot water systems are no longer the strong beast of a brand they once were.

Dux at one stage only played second fiddle to Rheem in the Australian market. Yet today they chose to supply mainly through big box outlets like Bunnings, aiming at the home renovator rather than the plumbing professional. Whilst the dux water heater itself is still a worthy candidate within the market, its sales strategy has changed dramatically over the past 7-years.

Dux was at one stage the darling of most domestic plumbers. It would be sold as a preferred option due to price and greater warranties at the time. It is now a long way from its once strong dominance within the plumbing industry. That being said, Dux would now spend far less on marketing and direct contact with its customers and can focus more acutely on manufacturing for the big box stores.

Dux still has a large product offering with products such as

  • Dux electric hot water systems
  • Dux gas hot water systems 
  • Dux continuous flow hot water systems
  • Dux solar hot water systems
  • Dux heat pump hot water systems

Dux hot water systems are still great options. However their support to the plumbing industry through the mother brand is not what it used to be. Customers hope that one day it will return to its roots and provide plumbing professionals with the industry support that it once gave.

Rinnai hot water system


When you think of instant gas hot water, continuous flow hot water or Instantaneous hot water most people think of Rinnai. Rinnai has always been innovators within the gas water heater market. In fact, some people refer to an instant gas water heater as a Rinnai rather than what it really is (a continuous flow gas water heater). This is due to how well Rinnai hot water systems actually hit the market along with how good the Rinnai Gas hot water system actually is.

This brand is much more than just the Rinnai instantaneous hot water within the market.  Rinnai does a full suite of  hot water products and is bringing more products to market soon. Rinnai gas hot water system comes in both Rinnai gas storage and Rinnai continuous hot water.  Models include:

  • Rinnai B26
  • Rinnai Infinity
  • Rinnai Touch
  • Rinnai Enviro

Rinnai electric hot water systems are available in common standard sizes. The Rinnai electric hot water systems have a 7-year warranty and are made from Vitreous enamel.

The true confidence for Rinnai comes into its quality within the continuous flow hot water market. The shortest warranty is at 10-years and the longest is 25-years across their continuous flow product range. It is hard to imagine a warranty for a Hot water system for 25-years, but Rinnai produces such hardworking products and they continue to lead the way within the gas market.

If you’re looking for the best continuous flow hot water heater in the market, no one does it better than Rinnai hot water and they have the runs on the board and warranties to back it up.

Thermann hot water system


Hot Water 2Day is a proud partner of the Thermann Hot Water System brand. Thermann Hot water systems have taken the market by storm over the past few years, dominating sales across the country through unrivalled distribution channels. Thermann offers what many brands can’t and that is unsurpassed availability. There isn’t a medium-sized town in Australia that Thermann won’t service. They have distributed and sold more water heaters in Australia over the past few years than any other brand and have changed the Hot water market within Australia forever. If you haven’t heard of Thermann water heaters then you are not alone. Most Australians are familiar with the brands Dux, Rheem or Rinnai. However, Thermann has more than made their mark on the Australian market and is fast becoming a household name in hot water. Thermann has the greatest distribution network in the country. They also offer a huge range of commercial hot water products including but not limited to electric hot water system, gas hot water system, and solar boosted hot water system that could come in storage tanks and instantaneous or continuous flow options. Thermann has left no stone unturned in their offerings and has taken the Australian market seriously in their sales strategy. Thermann also offers one of the largest warranty periods across their product ranges.
Aquamax Water Heaters Logo


So you are considering buying an Aquamax Hot water system? Aquamax has always been a small contender in the hot water market, offering the following products:

  • Aquamax Electric Hot water systems 
  • Aquamax Gas hot water systems 

However Aquamax’s secret to longevity and stability within the market has not been through a vast range of products but in doing a small range very well. You see, an Aquamax electric water heater has two offerings: the Aquamax Vitreous enamel tank (glass lined) and the premium Aquamax Stainless steel electric model, equalled only by the Aquamax gas hot water range that also offers Vitreous enamel and stainless steel models.

Aquamax water heaters were so good at making water heaters that Rheem Australia eventually bought them out and took over the manufacturing of the Aquamax product. To this day, the Aquamax products had set the benchmark in the stainless steel market offering 12-years warranty on the Aquamax stainless steel electric units and 12-years on the Aquamax stainless steel gas units. These warranty periods out do well with the Rheem branded stainless models. It is a true testament to the quality that Aquamax has brought to manufacturing in Australia. Aquamax should be part of your decision-making process if looking at stainless steel electric hot water or stainless steel gas hot water.

Evo Heat hot water system

Evo Heat

Looking for a smart hot water system that will save you money and reduces carbon emissions? Then look no further. EvoHeat have a range of smart, affordable, energy efficient hot water solutions that will provide your home or business with low cost, fast, reliable hot water. EvoHeat supply the next evolution in hot water, with advanced energy efficiency technologies and built in smart features to ensure you’re provided with clean, safe, and economical hot water all year round. Unlike tradition water heaters, EvoHeat hot water solutions use superior heat pump technology that can save you up to 75% of your hot water costs!