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What is the best hot water for you?


The best system is the one that will supply enough hot water for your needs.  This is really based on how much hot water you consume. For example, a two-person household will use far less hot water than a five-person household. So, the capacity of your hot water system  needs to equate to the amount of hot water your household consumes. 

Affordability at Purchase

Generally speaking, the hot water system fails at the most inconvenient of times. Unless you have an emergency fund or cash set aside when this happens, you will generally look at a system that you can afford at that particular time. 

For instance,  you may desire a highly efficient solar system to run your hot water needs. However, you may only be able to afford a far less expensive electric storage unit. Or, you do have the money sitting there to install a system that is more expensive but gives a far better return on investment.

Energy efficiency

In a perfect world, we would all have solar hot water systems. As far as everyone is concerned, solar hot water is the perfect solution for reducing your energy consumption and carbon emission. However, solar hot water is more expensive to install than its gas or electric counterparts.

To install solar hot water you can easily look at $2-$3 thousand dollars more. The upside is that  you can run your household from a majority of solar and therefore pay far less in energy bills. The average solar system will pay for itself (depending on consumption) for anywhere between 5-8 years for the average household. This leaves you with a few good years of profit after that.


The best hot water systems are those that last the longest. Provided your hot water installation has been carried out by a licensed plumber in accordance with the plumbing code and the manufacturer’s  specifications, your water heater will carry a manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty varies greatly between manufacturers and ranges between 7 -12 years. 

Not all water systems are created equal and this is evident with the period of warranty that the manufacturer is willing to give. As a rule of thumb, any  time over 10 years is money in your pocket. The average lifespan of water heaters sit at around 10- years, depending on your water quality.  

Hot Water 2Day is one of Australia's first and most respected e-commerce sites.

Our team of licensed and experienced hot water plumbers and specialists sell and install water heaters every day and everyday customers ask, “What’s the best hot water system?” 

The answer is always the same. The best hot water tank is the one that suits you and your household the best. There are several variables that determine which is the best for you.

We can supply and install water heaters in the following areas:

Our hot water systems come in a few different types:

  • Electric hot water storage tanks
  • Gas hot water storage tanks
  • Instant electric systems
  • Instant gas systems (continuous flow) 
  • High line or roof mounted solar (flat panel solar)
  • Low-line or ground mounted solar hot water system
  • Heat pump storage tanks

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