Hot Water Tempering Valves: 4 Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Hot Water Valve

Hot Water Tempering Valves: 4 Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Hot Water Valve

How Does A Hot Water Tempering Valve Work?

A tempering valve for hot water heating systems. It is most commonly found in homes, hotels, and apartment buildings.

What Does a Hot Water Tempering Valve Do?

A hot water tempering valve regulates the temperature of the incoming cold supply and outgoing heated supply, adjusting it to meet the input and output temperature requirements. In short, a hot water tempering valve controls the temperature of your hot water to ensure it does not exceed 50 degrees Celsius. 

Tempering valves are a legal requirement for all domestic applications throughout Australia. The introduction of tempering valves in Australia has dramatically reduced Burns and scolding in young children and the elderly since 2007, it said water temperature above 60 deg can burn a child instantly, however, temperatures at 50 degrees or below take minutes to inflict burn.

Signs Your Hot Water Tempering Valve is Failing

A water tempering valve is a device used in the heating system to regulate and maintain the desired water temperature. Signs your hot water tempering valve is failing include:

  • Leaky valves.
  • Slow or no hot water when it’s on but cold.
  • Noisy valves.
  • Water is too hot or too cold.

4 Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Hot Water Valve

We have the tendency to take for granted our water valves, especially the hot water tempering valve. They are installed in our homes and we forget that they need regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently.
Here are a few simple ways you can prolong the life of your hot water tempering valve:
Inspect Water Tank
1. Inspect your valve at least once every six months.
2. Look for leaks and tighten if needed.
Cleaning Hot Water Tank
3. Your tempering valve has strainers on either side of the valve, these strainers need to be cleaned every 12 months.
Plumber Contractor
4. Have a plumber or contractor inspect your valves every few years to make sure that they are in good working order, as this will ensure you get the maximum life out of them when it comes time to replace or fix a hot water tempering valve.

Conclusion: Repair or Replace a Hot Water Tempering Valve

A repair or replacement of the tempering valve decision is based on various factors, including the age and make of the valve and the need for upgrades to the current plumbing system. Repairing or replacing a hot water tempering valve is advisable and largely dependent on licensed plumbing contractors only. It is recommended that the tempering valve be replaced every 5 years.